Pearls – Gifts of the Gods

The gently shimmering pearl is a perfect jewel grown by nature. It remains completely natural and requires no processing. However, it does need to be worn and should be well cared for.

Pearls have been priceless jewels since the beginning of humanity. It was once believed that for something this beautiful to grow in such an inconspicuous shell, it had to be of divine origin. The thought was that a dewdrop picked up by the oyster by moonlight was the origin of every new pearl.

What a beautiful and moving thought! Even though we now know much more about pearls and are aware of their different varieties, each with its unique advantages, the resplendent luster and mysterious sheen of the pearl hold as much fascination today as ever. Every pearl is unique, because every pearl is grown by a live oyster in its shell over months and years.

When choosing your pearls, we are happy to assist you with our experience. This is crucial because there are many aspects of a pearl that require a trained, expert eye. Whether you prefer Tahiti, Akoya or South Sea pearls, or are looking for a specific sheen or color that you find appealing, you, we will find the perfect pearl for you!

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