One-of-a-kind jewelry for unique personalities – since 1999

One-of-a-kind jewelry for unique personalities – since 1999

Jewelry as unique as you are!

For more than 20 years, we have been handcrafting unique pieces of jewelry in premium quality.
The care and dedication we put into our craft is visible in every detail.

The art of goldsmithing has a long-standing tradition with an ancient, fascinating history.

This is reflected in your piece of jewelry – something you can see and feel.

Our jewelry

Naturally, your custom jewelry has to be unique and truly special! This is why we pour every drop of our know-how and
skill into every single piece.

Rings, colliers, circlets, necklaces – your jewelry
serves to highlight your personality.

How may we adorn you?

Our Home & Our Workshop

Our workshop is situated at the confluence of two streams. It is also the place where our lives and our work run together. To us, the streams are conveyors of a constant supply of fresh ideas.

We invite you to pay us a visit and experience what inspires us.

Sandra & Wulf

Our lives revolve around our home. Family, work, inspiration – this is where everything flows together. This is where we forge unique jewelry as well as our happiness.

In fact, goldsmithing is central to our happiness…

Are you looking for something special? New ideas? Custom pieces? One-of-a-kind jewelry? Here at Wolfschmiede, we have specialized in designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewelry since 1999. Allow yourself to be inspired…

Each of our pieces is unique and has its own backstory. Allow us to share a few special stories with you that will touch your heart…

There is nothing quite as wonderful as meeting friends. We are often out and about showcasing our latest pieces, exchanging ideas and forging new connections.

Where will we connect with you?