Uniqueness by design:
The Wolfschmiede

This is where we live. This is where we create…

Our workshop – the “Wolfschmiede” – is the space where ideas, know-how, skill and the personality of the future wearer come together and are molded into a unique piece of jewelry. Over time, the piece will be a faithful companion, always serving as a reminder of treasured moments and a rich, shared history. 

We develop our jewelry “on the model,” meaning we take measurements on the customer and go into every unique personal feature in detail. The conversation with our customers is tremendously important to us, because it informs us of preferences, clothing and styling habits, and everything else that is important to consider for the resulting piece of jewelry.

We have compiled beautifully illustrated books so you can view a wide variety of pieces and find out not only what is possible, but also what you love the most. Together, we then design your perfect piece of jewelry and get to work.

Living, crafting, enjoying…

Our workshop is the center that our lives revolve around. Our happiness is at home here. This is where we have found our space. We have invested a great deal of time, work and love in this workshop and can now enjoy the fruits of our labor.

In our work, we are so immersed in details that it is liberating to live and work in a place that frees our minds. Here, we can look from our house into the yard, past the surrounding streams, through the village and out into the fields and nature.

Our work is informed by things experienced, experiences lived, and things found. However, the starting point for the very personal pieces of jewelry we create for our customers is an intensive examination of the emotion and the expression the piece is intended to convey.

Jewelry is meant to create joy – and our customers’ joy flows back to us and completes our feeling of having created something very special.