How to care for your pearls

Pearls are organic products of nature and feel wonderfully soft when worn on the skin. With a little attention and care, precious pearls retain their mysterious shine over generations.

Some important things to keep in mind:

Avoid letting your pearls come into contact with perfume, cosmetics, perspiration and skincare products. This means waiting to put on your pearl jewelry until you have finished putting on makeup and styling your hair.

After wearing your pearls, especially directly against the skin, carefully wipe the individual pearls with a soft cotton or silk cloth.

Store your pearls in a soft case separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.

Many insurers recommend having pearls expertly restrung every year. We think that is a bit over the top.
If you notice that the knots of the silk string are beginning to get loose or darken, it is time to have the pearls cleaned and restrung.
In addition, it is advisable to check the length of the string of pearls and to add a new clasp if necessary or desired.

Never wear your pearls while swimming or sunbathing.
Perspiration is acidic and can damage the pearl.

Pearls are natural products and want to be worn. When stored in a vault for too long, they can lose their luster.

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Pearls – Gifts of the Gods

The gently shimmering pearl is a perfect jewel grown by nature. It remains completely natural and requires no processing. However, it does need to be worn and should be well cared for.

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